(Download) CTET: Mathematics: (Paper - I) - 2011

(Download) CTET: Mathematics: (Paper - I) - 2011

Directions : Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option.

1. Which is true for a hexagonal pyramid ?
(1) It has six faces and each face is a hexagon
(2) It has a hexagonal base with six triangular faces meeting at a point
(3) It has two hexagonal faces and six rectangular faces
(4) It has six hexagonal faces joined by six rectangular faces

2. The length of a rectangle is ‘l’ and its width is half of its length. What will be the perimeter of the rectangle if the length is doubled keeping the width same ?
(1) 4l
(2) 5l
(3) 6l
(4) 3l

3. Vikas teaches mathematics to a class of 56 students. He believes that conducting a test is effective if the feedback is given immediately. He conducted a short class test of 10 marks. What is the best possible way of giving the feedback effectively ?
(1) He can let the students check each other’s answer
(2) He can explain the solution of each problem on the board and ask the students to check their answer on their own
(3) He can have a whole class discussion on ways in which they have got their solutions and which is the effective strategy to arrive at the correct answer
(4) Pick out any copy at random and discuss the method followed in the copy on the board

4. To introduce the concept of area, a teacher can start with
(1) comparing area of any figure with the help of different objects like palm, leaf, pencil, notebook, etc.
(2) calculating area of a rectangle by finding length and breadth of a rectangle and using the formula for area of a rectangle (i.e. length ´ breadth)
(3) calculating area of figures with the help of counting unit square
(4) explaining of formulae for finding area of figures of different shapes

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