KVS : Syllabus for Written Exam For TGT : Physical & Health Education

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

Syllabus for written examination for TGT (Physical & Health Education)

Physical Education Theory

Part – A

1. Concept of Physical Education

(Meaning and definition of Physical Education-its aim and objectives, Modern concept and scope of Physical Education, Need and importance of Physical Education, Place of Physical Education in the total education process

2. Physiological Aspects of Physical Education

Effect of exercise on : Muscular System, Circulatory System, Respiratory System, Digestive System

3. Psychological Aspects of Physical Education

Definition of Psychology and Sports Psychology, Achievement and Motivation in Sports, Sportsmanship and Sports Ethics

4. Physical Fitness and Wellness

Meaning and Importance of Physical Fitness and Wellness, Components of Physical Fitness and Wellness, Factors affecting Physical Fitness and Wellness, Principles of Physical Fitness development, Means of fitness development, Aerobic Activities- Jogging, Cycling Calisthenics and Rhythmic exercises, Participation in Games and Sports, Circuit Training

5. Training Methods

Meaning and Concept of Training, warming up, Limbering down and their importance, Methods of Training, Methods of Strength Development-Isometric, and Isokinetic Exercises, Methods of Endurance Development-Continuous Method, Interval Training and Fartlek, Methods of Speed Development-Acceleration Runs and Pace Races.

6. Sociological Aspects of Physical Education

Meaning of Sociology and its importance in Physical Education and Sports. Games and Sports as man IS Cultural Heritage. Development of leadership qualities and group dynamics.

Part – B

History of the game/sport (Anyone game/ sport of student’s choice), Latest general rules of the game/ sport (Anyone game/ sport of student’s choice), Measurement of play fields and specifications of sports equipment, Fundamental skills of the game/ sport, Related sports terminologies, Important tournaments and venues, Sports personalities, Sports Awards.

Part – C

1. Health Education

Concept and objectives of Health Education, Importance of Health Education, Principles of Health Education, Importance of community participation for health promotion and welfare of individual, family and community

2. Communicable Diseases

Meaning of Communicable Diseases, Essential conditions for Communicable Diseases to occur and disease process, Common alert signals indicating on set of Communicable Diseases, Mode of transmission, common symptoms and prevention of spread (transmission) of AIDS, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

3. Contemporary Health Problems

Abuse of alcohol, tobacco and drugs and the effect of abuse on individual, family and community, Effect of alcohol, tobacco and drugs on sportsperson., Eating habits that cause obesity and its effect on health of individual

4. Healthful living

Concept of environment, Scope of environment – living environment, work place environment and envionment for leisure activites, Essential elements of healthful environment – safe water, low levels of noise, clean air, sanitary surrounding, low levels of radio active radiations and absence of hazards responsible for accidents in (i) home and neighborhood in rural and urban areas (ii) school and work place (iii) during leisure time activities recreation and sports, Role of individual in improvement of environment for health promotion and prevention of accidents related to transportation swimming and water sports, Disaster preparedness and heath care during disasters.

5. Family Health Education

Meaning and functions of family and its importance as a social institution, Needs and problems of adolescents and their management, Human reproduction – menstruation, conceptional and prenatal care, Problems associated with pre-marital sex and teenage pregnancies, Preparation of marriage, Role of parents in child care.

6. Prevention and first aid for common sports injuries

Soft Tissue injuries – sprain and strain, Bone Injuries, Joint Injuries

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