MP State Eligibility Test 2017 Papers - Sociology

(Sociology) CTET = MP State Eligibility Test - 2017 - Final Model Answer Key

Q.No: 1 Who among the following is of the view that must social actions are non - logical?

A Max Weber
B Talcott Parsons
C Vilfredo Pareto
D None of these are correct

Q.No: 2 'Versthenen ' is a associated with whom?

A Max Weber
B Vilfredo Pareto
C Herbert Blumer
D None of these are correct

Q.No: 3 Which of the following concept is not correct?

A Alienation from product
B Alienation from the process of production
C Alienation from self
D Alienation from the capitalist

Q.No: 4 Who among the following is of the opinion that conflict is instinctual?

A Karl Marx
B Dahrendorf
C Lewis Coser
D Robert Merton

Q.No: 5 Who is used the quantitative method in his study for the first time in sociology?

A Herbert Spencer
B Vilfredo Pareto
C Karl Marx
D Emile Durkhiem

Q.No: 6 Who has started that complete objectivity in social research is not possible?

A August Comte
B Herbert Spencer
C Emile Durkhiem
D Max Weber

Q.No: 7 Who has started that 'Human activities can be observed and comprehended from inside ?

A Max Weber
B W.Dilthey .
C E.R. Leach .
D G.W.F.Hegel .

Q.No: 8 Reliability means

A Data free from bias
B Dependability of data collected
C Freedom of data collection
D Data collection by one researcher

Q.No: 9 A statement of relationship between variables which are to be tested is known as

A Research question
B Hypothesis
C Objective of the study
D Problem of study

Q.No: 10 'Before and after' observations are made in studies that have -

A Exploratory Design
B Experimental Design
C Descriptive Design
D Cultural Design

Q.No: 11 Who among the following has used participant observation in his study?

A P.V. Young .
B W.F. White .
C R. Brown
D N. Anderson

Q.No: 13 Who propounded the functional theory of stratification?

A Toyanbee
B Marx and Weber
C Davis and Moore
D Bottomore

Q.No: 14 Which of the following performs the function of socialization?

A Ego
B Supergo
C Id
D None of these are correct

Q.No: 15 Who has presented an outline of the subject matter of sociology containing study of society, groups, institutions and processes?

A C.A.Coser
B Alex Inkeles
C C.H. Cooley
D K. Davis

Q.No: 17 A standard or rule , regulating the behaviour of of a person in a social setting is termed as -

A Value
B Association
C Social action
D Norms

Q.No: 18 'An established order compressing rule - bound and standardized behavior patterns' is called -

A Social group
B Institution
C Audience
D Association

Q.No: 19 Which one of the following statement is correct

A  Any stable position within a social system associated with specific expectations, rights and duties is a 'role set'
B Positive or negative power attached to a position is social stratification
C A position within a social system associated with specific expectations, rights and duties is a 'social status'
D Social status and role symbolize a social differentiation

Q.No: 20 Who out of the following regards the social structure as the complex of principal groups and institutions which constitutes society?

A A.R.Redcliffe Brown
B Morris Ginsburg
C Herbert Spencer
D L.H. Morgan

Q.No: 21 Who has stated, "The dynamic aspects of status where, 'status' refers to the position and role to its performance?

A R.K. Merton
B A.R. Desai
C T. Parsons .
D R. Linton  .

Q.No: 22 Who used the theory of reference group behavior in the study of Indian society?

A G.S. Ghurye .
B Luis Dumont
C A.M. Shah  .
D M.N. Srinivas

Q.No: 23 Which of the following is not the characteristic of primary group?

A Anonymity
B Smallness
C Intimacy
D Face -to- face relation

Q.No: 24 Which of the following statement is not correct -

A Religion is the attitude towards super natural powers
B Religion is concerned with welfare of people
C Religion includes visiting holy places
D Religion is concerned with political parties

Q.No: 25 Man marrying his wife's sister is known as -

A Fraternal polyandry
B Sororal polyandry
C Non - fraternal polyandry
D Non - Sororal polyandry

Q.No: 26 Which of the following statements is true?

A One wife and one husband is polyandry
B Exogamy is the characteristic of caste system
C Family is a static unit of society
D Husband and wife without children is a family

Q.No: 27 Who stated, ___ a community is united by an accord of feeling or sentiments between individuals?

A Georges Gurvitch
B R.C. Angell
C G.C.Homans .
D F. Tonnies

Q.No: 29 Which of the following terms is not correct ?

A Primary group - C.H.Cooley
B Reference group - R.K.Merton
C Out group - G.Sumner
D Human group - Max Weber

Q.No: 30 Who among the following argues that stratification system is derived from common values?

A Max Weber
B R.K.Merton
C Davis and Moore
D Tolcott Parsons

Q.No: 31 In which of the following did the class structure develop at first?

A Primitive society
B Tribal society
C Agricultural society
D Industrial society

Q.No: 32 The rise and fall in social scale within a person's own life is known as -
A Intergeneration and vertical mobility
B Intergeneration and horizontal mobility
C Intergeneration and vertical mobility :
D None of the these

Q.No: 33 Socialization process in human beings takes place during -

A Childhood
B Childhood and young age
C The whole life
D Old age

Q.No: 34 'The status - reputation' approach was used by -

A Henry Maine
B L. Warner
C Karl Marx
D Max Weber

Q.No: 35 Which is the appropriate term for a change which increases human happiness and proceeds towards the desired direction?

A Development
B Growth
C Evolution
D Progress

Q.No: 36 Who among the following presented the functionalist view on religion?

A E.V. Tylor . .
B R.K.Merton. .
C E. Durkheim .
D Max weber 

Q.No: 37 Which of the following 'items' was not used by Merton in his paradigm of functional analysis?

A Manifest and latest function
B Concept of functional alternations
C Structural pressure on individual
D Indispensability of functions of an institution

Q.No: 38 Who wrote that all cultural traits serve the needs of individuals in a society?

A Mallinowski
B Kimbal young
C Emile Durkheim
D None of the these

Q.No: 39 Which of the following sentence is correct?

A Merton favors anthropologists functionalism
B Merton rejects anthropologists functionalism
C Merton favors as well as anthropologists functionalism
D Merton neither favors nor rejects anthropologists functionalism

Q.No: 40 Who gave the concepts of 'class in itself' and 'class for itself'?

A Karl Marx
B Lewis Coser
C Max Weber
D Dehrendorf

Q.No: 41 Who said 'Power is a lasting source of friction'?

A Lewis Coser
B Karl Marx
C Max Weber
D Dehrendorf

Q.No: 42 Who is the author of the book" Phenomenology and the crisis of western Philosophy"?

A Herbert Mead
B Herbert Blummer
C Edmund Husserel
D None of the above

Q.No: 43 Who gave the concepts of 'Deconstruction'?

A Foucault
B Derrida
C Giddins
D Althusser

Q.No: 44 Among the following which is the study of content analysis?

A Single word
B A paragraph
C A Book
D All of the these

Q.No: 45 Who has given the concept of reflexive role taking? '

A R.K.Merton .
B R.Linton
C C.H. Cooley
D G.H.Mead
ANS (D) .

Q.No: 46 Who gave four stages : Oral stage, Anal stage, Oedipal stage and adolescent stage in the process of socialization?

A C.H. Cooley
B G.H. Mead .
C M. Mead .
D S. Fruead

Q.No: 47 Weber's theory of stratification differs from Marx that he introduced an additional structural category of -

A Class
B Estate
C Status group
D Intellectual group

Q.No: 48 Social stratification is based on -


A 1,2 and 3 only
B 1,2,3 and 4 only
C 2,3 and 4 only
D 1,3 and 4 only

Q.No: 49 The changes in Communities come because

A Society is dynamic
B Society is revolutionary
C Society welcomes changes
D Society is static


Q.No: 1 Who used Parson's pattern variables to explain the role of social system in development?

A B.F.Hoselitz
B R.K.Merton .
C A.G.Frank
D W.W.Rostow
ANS (A) . .

Q.No: 2 According to Mahabub ul Haq which one of the following is a essential component of human development?

A Sustainability
B Productivity
C Empowerment
D All are Correct

Q.No: 3 Danial Lerner presented the framework of Economic - Social development in the book:

A Modernalisation of Indian Tradition
B The passing of the Traditional societies
C The Achieving Society
D Structure and process of modern Societies 

Q.No: 4 Who first introduced the theory of world system?

A S.C.Dube
B A.G.Frank
C I.Wallerstein
D Samir Amin

Q.No: 5 In which year United Nations Development programe introduced the Human development index(H.D.I)?

A 1990
B 2000
C 1980
D 1970

Q.No: 6 Among the following social scientists, who is associated with the concept of alienation?

A M.F.Nimkoff
B Karl Marx
C W.F.Ogburn . .
D Charles Cooley

Q.No: 7 According to Yogendra Singh, the characteristics of traditional power structure is:

A Jamindari System
B Village Pancahyat
C Caste Panchayat
D These are correct

Q.No: 8 Wiser has mainly analyzed intercaste relations in India in terms of:

A Social relations
B Marriage relations
C Commensal relations
D Jajmani relations

Q.No: 9 Who wrote first one the concept of 'Jajmani System' in India?

A William Wiser
B Oscar Levis
C M.N.Srinivas
D S.C.Dubey

Q.No: 10 'The Minimum Wages Act' was passed in which year?

A 1948
B 1955
C 1956
D 1961

Q.No: 11 Who is the author of 'Class and class conflict in an Industrial Society'?

A S.M.Lipset
B Karl Marx
C Raymond Aron
D Ralph Dehrandorf

Q.No: 12 In which year the 'Industrial Dispute Act' passed.

A 1947
B 1948
C 1950
D 1952

Q.No: 13 Who is associated with white-collar crime?

A Taft
B Sutherland
C Godard
D Hugo

Q.No: 14 Who is associated with the Chicago school of delinquency?

A Lamert
B Lombrasso
C Blach
D Shaw & Mckay

Q.No: 15 According to Ethnomethodologists, which type of reasoning is used by the people?

A Inductive Reasoning
B Deductive Reasoning
C Practical Reasoning
D No Reasoning

Q.No: 16 When was 'Ethnomethodology' used for the first time?

A 1940's
B 1950's
C 1960's
D 1970's

Q.No: 17 Who has written the work 'The social Construction of Reality'?

A Peter L.Berger
B Thomas Luckmann
C Both Berger and Luckmann
D None of these

Q.No: 18 'Neo - Functionalism' operates with descriptive model of society that sees society as composed of elements which form a pattern. Who has stated this view?

A P.Colomy .
B J.Alexander .
C T.Parsons .
D R.K.Merton .

Q.No: 19 Who has indicated diversities of Indian culture and wrote a book, "Diversities"?

A R.K.Mukherjee
B D.P.Mukherjee . .
C G.S.Ghurye
D S.C.Dube

Q.No: 20 Who has edited the voluminous work 'People of India'?

A G.S.Ghurye .
B S.C.Dube
C Yogendra Singh
D K.S.Singh .

Q.No: 21 In which year the first National Backward class Commission was appointed under the chairmanship of Kaka Kalelkar

A 29 January 1951
B 29 January 1952
C 29 January 1953
D 29 January 1954

Q.No: 22 Who said, 'Most alcoholics hate liquor, hate drinking, hate taste, hate the result, hate themselves for succumbing, but they can't stop'?

A Bacon
B Elliot and Merrill
C Bergel
D Mumford

Q.No: 23 Which amendment of Indian Constitution provides reservation of one-third seats for women in the local government at the rural and urban level?

A 71 and 72
B 73 and 74
C 75 and 76
D 76 and 77

Q.No: 24 Who among the following said, 'Women is not born, rather becomes Women'

A Simone de Beauvoir
B Ket Millet
C J.S.Mill .
D Alison Jagger

Q.No: 25 Among the following rights, which one is related to ' Suffrage Movement'?

A Right to Education
B Right to Health
C Right to Vote
D None of these

Q.No: 26 In which year, the committee on the status of women in India was consisted by a resolution of the ministry of Education and social Welfare?

A 1974
B 1973
C 1972
D 1971

Q.No: 27 Among the following statements, select the correct one

A There is a significant relationship between socioeconomic conditions and women's health
B The constitution of India provides 33 percent reservation for women in parliament and state assemblies
C Both statements are correct
D Both statements are wrong

Q.No: 28 Which of the following is not an objective of planning?

A Development
B Economic Equality
C Social Welfare
D Social Reconstruction

Q.No: 29 What is the full name of AITUC

A All India Trade Union Congress
B All India Travelling Unit Company
C All India Trade Union Corporation
D All India Trading Union Corporation

Q.No: 30 Which one of the following differentiates between rural and urban community?

A Occupational Differences
B Mode of Transport
C Means of Communication
D Form of Marriage

Q.No: 31 Who has said, 'Migration increases along with increase of education in India'?

A Greenwood
B M.S.Gore
C M.N.Srinivas
D K.L.Sharma .

Q.No: 32 Who said, ' These slums are symbols of extreme downfall of humanity, who so ever is responsible for the slum, must be hanged'?

A Pt.Nehru
B Sardar Patel
C M.K.Gandhi
D Indira Gandhi

Q.No: 33 "Social development is basically related to Economic Growth". Who among the following sociologists stated this?

A T.B.Bottmore . .
B V.S.D'souza .
C P.A.Samuelson .
D E.S.Bogardus .

Q.No: 34 Who among the following has propounded the "Theory of Differential Association" in regard to crime?

A Cohen
B Sutherland
C Mowrer
D Reckless

Q.No: 35 In how many types Sutherland classified criminals?

A 2
B 3
C 4
D 6

Q.No: 36 In Delinquency Areas, Shaw showed which of the following findings

A Delinquency varies inversely with distance from the center of the city
B Delinquency is not correlated with distance from the center of the city
C Delinquency is high in elite areas wherever they are
D Both (Delinquency varies inversely with distance from the center of the city & Delinquency is high in elite areas wherever they are)

Q.No: 37 Labeling theory is given by -

A Howard Beeker
B Mac Iver
C W.F.Whyte
D Durkheim

Q.No: 38 'The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substance [NDPS] Act' was enacted in the year -

A 1982
B 1983
C 1984
D 1985

Q.No: 39 "Structure-Wise Indian Family is Nuclear but functionally it is joint" Whose statement is this

A Milton Singer
B I.P.Desai. .
C Richard Lembart
D K.M.Kapadia .

Q.No: 40 Who has initiated the debate on Indianization of Sociology in India?

A Mckim Marriott
B R.Redfield
C B.R.Chauhan .
D Partha Nath Mukherjee

Q.No: 41 Which of the following is not the direct result of globalization?

A Increased co-operation of nations
B Change in natural environment
C Increased transport and communication
D Change in migration patterns

Q.No: 42 Privatization of education in India will not create

A Socio-Economic discrimination
B Occupational inequality
C Psychological discrimination
D Economic equality

Q.No: 43 In which year National policy on education was introduced in India?

A 1988
B 1986
C 1984
D 1985

Q.No: 44 Match List-I with List-II and choose the correct answer from the codes given below

A a-1, b-2, c-3, d-4
B a-4, b-3, c-2, d-1
C a-3, b-4, c-1, d-2
D a-2, b-1, c-4 ,d-3

Q.No: 45 Permanent refusal for work is known as-

A Retrenchment
B Layoff
C Bilateral
D None of these

Q.No: 46 Which of the following is not displaced by development?

A Traditional world view
B Traditional joint family system
C Fundamentation
D Disparity

Q.No: 47 Who of the following is the author of 'Sociological aspects of Economic Growth'?

A N.J.Smelser
B T.Parsons .
C B.F.Hoselitz .
D J.Schumpeter .

Q.No: 48 Which of the following is not the cause of ethnic movements? \

A Identity crisis
B Disparity
C Minoritism
D Religion

Q.No: 49 Who among the following developed the concept of satge by stage migration in his book 'law of Migration'?

A R.P.Dore
B Spengular
C Revanstein
D Mumford

Q.No: 50 Consider the following statement and mark the correct answer from the codes given below(1) Fertility affects age - structure to a lesser extent than mortality (2)The primary sex-ratio is much higher than sex ratio of live birth of fetal deaths (3) Sex ratio at birth is directly related to age of mother (4) Mortality decline does not have much affect on population with low life expectancy
A 1,2 and 3
B 2 and 4
C 2,3 and 4
D 1 and 3

Q.No: 51 Consider the following statements and mark the correct answer from the following codesAssertion(A): Sex ratio in India is in favour of males Reason(R): In females there is high rate of mortality during maternity

A Both (A) and (R) true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)
B Both (A) and (R) true and (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)
C (A) is true but (R) is false
D (A) is false but (R) is true

Q.No: 52 Which year is considered as the 'GREAT DIVIDE' in the history of population of India?

A 1901
B 1921
C 1951
D 1961

Q.No: 53 Gender is a -

A Biological category
B Social Category
C Statistical category
D All are correct

Q.No: 54 Which of the following has been declared 'International Decade for Women' by the United Nations?

A 1960-70
B 1970-80
C 1980-90
D None of these

Q.No: 55 India ratified the 'Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women'(CEDAW) in the year -

A 1991
B 1992
C 1993
D 1994

Q.No: 56 The origin of which of the following is drawn from the Engel's works 'Origin of the family, private property and state'?
A Radical Feminism
B Liberal Feminism
C Marxist Feminism
D Ecofeminism

Q.No: 57 Who is the author of the book "Vindication of the Rights of Woman"?

A Mary Wollstonecraft
B Nura Desai
C Mary John
D None of these

Q.No: 58 Which one of the perspective on inter-relationship between capitalism and patriarchy?

A Radical Feminism
B Liberal Feminism
C Political Feminism
D Eco feminism

Q.No: 59 Who contributed to the sociological concept of 'framing to game theory in the field of the micro sociology of everyday life'?

A Peter Berger
B Harold Garfinkel
C Alfred Schetz
D Erving Goffman

Q.No: 60 Who has employed ethnographic approach in the study of social aspects of mental illness?

A Herbert Blummer
B Erving Goffman
C Alfred Schutz
D Anthony Giddens

Q.No: 61 Who used the 'Documentary method' in the study of everyday life?

A E.Goffman .
B H.Garfinkel
C Peter Berger
D All are correct

Q.No: 62 Who has given the four divisions of the life world?

A Edmund Hussrel
B Alfred Schutz
C Harold Schutz
D Erving Goffmann

Q.No: 63 Who have written the book, "The social construction of Reality : A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge"?

A Shutz and Luckmann
B Luckmann and berger
C Berger and Goffman
D Goffmann and Shutz

Q.No: 64 Who has given the concept of ideology and ideological state apparatus?

A Anthony Giddens
B Karl Marx
C Louis Althusser
D A.Gramsci

Q.No: 65 Which pair is incorrect?

A Reading capital - Karl Marx -
B Frankfurt school - Jurgen Habermas -
C Authoritarian Personality - Theodor Adorno
D Philosophical Discourse of modernity - Jacques Derrida

Q.No: 66 Which one of the following is not the contribution of Jurgen Habermas?

A On the logic of the social sciences
B Towards a rational society
C Legitimation crisis
D The exclusion of the other

Q.No: 67 Who has given this statement, 'Ideology has no history'?

A Ralph Dahrendorf
B Jurgen Habermas
C L.Althusser
D None of these

Q.No: 68 Which one of the following is not the contribution of Foucault?

A Madness and Civilization
B Liquid Modernity
C The History of Sexuality
D Archaeology of Knowledge

Q.No: 69 Who used the term 'Reflexive Modernization' in explaining modernity?

A M.N Srinivas
B Yogendra Singh
C J.Derrida .
D Anthony Giddins

Q.No: 70 'Theory of Structuration' is given by-

A Anthony Giddens
B J.Derrida .
C S.F.Nadel
D A.R.Redcliffe Brown .

Q.No: 71 Who has used the concept of 'signified - signifier'?

A Derrida
B Foucault
C Giddens
D Althusser

Q.No: 72 Who has named 'Marxiology' as his approach to understand culture and personality in Indian context?

A Radhakamal Mukherjee
B G.S.Ghurye .
C M.N.Srinivas
D D.P.Mukerjee . .

Q.No: 73 Match List-I with List-II and choose the correct answer from the codes given below

A a-1, b-4, c-2, d-5
B a-1, b-3, c-4, d-2
C a-2, b-1, c-3, d-5
D a-2, b-3, c-1 ,d-4

Q.No: 74 Which is an incorrect match in the following - 

A Bonded Labour Abolition Act - 1976
B Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act - 1986
C Hindu Women Right to Property Act - 1947
D Domestic Violence Act - 2005 

Q.No: 75 'Protection Against Domestic Violence Act' was enacted by government of India in

A 2005
B 2006
C 2007
D 2008

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